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Resource Links

Algebra Teaching Tips for students in introductary algebar class that struggle with basic concepts. Based on lessons learned with a diverse group of learnersm following are some tips from George Alland, Rasmussen College; for teaching algebra to a general audience.

Khan Academy - Algebra I: thousands of practice questions and videos to help with your Algebra needs.

Khan Academy - Algebra II: Over 133 practice exercises to learn what comes next, help students remember what they've learned by mixing up skills and answering questions about functions, complex numbers, polynomials, and more.

Khan Academy - Geometry foundations: Over 99 practice exercises that review knowledge of angles, triangles, quadrilaterals and area. Looking at transformations, symmetry, congruence, similarity and the every present PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM.  

Khan Academy - Trigonometry: Over 28 practice exercises to learn the basics of trigonometry, find missing sides, sine, cosine, tangent, graphs of trigonometry functions, equations and identities.

Cliff NotesGeometry

Cliff Notes - Trigonometry

Hooda Math - Geometry Games

Paul's Online Math Notes - Class Notes, Tutorials, cheat sheets & tables, test reviews and extras.

Patrick JMT - Just Math Tutorials: Great video demonstrations to promote student engagement. There are topics galore. Easy to follow and understand.

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