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People in all walks of life but especially teachers are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! The resources below are meant to cut that research time in half and speed up your planning time so you can move onto other professional endeavors; as well as, getting to spend time with your family or on yourself and not feel guilty or rushed. Whether you are looking for some interactive sites, projects or resources to bring to your classroom; we are continuously combing through material that has been sent to us for review or looking for resources that could be help you in the classroom.

You are the best resource for any other teacher. So if you have tried and true resources, information or links that would be beneficial; please submit them to the E3 Center of Excellence to be included on this site. 


Human-Computer Interaction Lab

Stanford University How Things are Made

Teacher Vision - engagine students in your classroom with interactive educational technology resources. K-12 [Does have a membership fee of $6.99/month)

LessonCast - Preparation and presentation portfolios are free to view. If you are looking for teacher preparation/classroom management materials; there are some good ones available here. There is a nominal fee attached.(Individual and Community Subscriptions available starting at $14.95/month) 

Glogster EDU - Create interactive visual platforms in which users creas a poster or web page containing multimedia elements including: text, audio, video, images, graphics, drawings, and data. Students can use these Glogs for book reports, digital posters, homework etc. 

SchoolTube - Endorsed by leading education associations, it's a safe, moderated environment where students can post self-produced videos for classroom use.

StoryBird - Unique language arts tool using illustrations to inspire students to rite stories: picture books for K-5, longform chapter books for Grades 5-9, and petry for everything in between.

Free Rice - Fifteen different topics for testing your students skills. Online games that track your students right answers and for every right answer the game donates rice via the World Food Programme.

Flashcard machine - A free service for creating web-based study flashcards that can be shared with others. - Classroom blogs to improve student writing skills in a safe environment. Aproppriate for elementary and middle school students; teachers have administrative control over what gets published- and what doesn't. The first 30 days is FREE. There is a subscription fee after the free trial.

EdHeads - Free and membership-based learning games

Starting a STEM Blog

How Everday Things Are Made

Engineer Your World

Brain POP! Provides students, teachers and parents with engaging animated videos, quizzes and other activities to complement engineering curricula. (grades K-8)

DiscoverE offers a growing number of hands-on activities, videos and other resources for students to use as they explore engineering. The site also introduces national engineering outreach programs.

eGFI Dream Up the Future Offers information about engineering careers and how to pursue them, including profiles of engineering students and professionals. Teachers also can find lesson plans, hands-on activities, and professional development opportunities. (grades K-12)

EngineerGirl Designed by the National Academy of Engineering, this fun and informative site celebrates women in engineering and allows girls to explore what engineers do. It also offers resources to parents, teachers and mentors. (grades 6-9)

Engineer Your Life Aimed at high school girls, Engineer Your Life describes engineering careers through the inspiring work of contemporary young engineers. The site explains what students can do to preapre for college and what to expect in college engineering programs. (grades 8-12)

National Information Science Education Network The NISE Net website provides information about camps, exhibits and public events about nanotechnology, as well as lesson plans, activity kits and professional development opportunities. (grades K-12)

National Center for Technological Literacy Led by the Museum of Science in Boston, this site provides a vast amount of information for educators on workshops, professional development, curricula for grades K-12, and access to the Museum's Lyman Library.

PBS Learning Media Offers short clips and lesson plans on engiennering (in the science section) by grade level and by state and national standards. The collections include materials by Cyberchase, Design Squad, DragonflyTV, Fetch! (grades K-12+)

NASA Robotics Robotics Education Project is intended to raise children's interest in robotics and promote it as a possible career choice. The website highlights many applications of robots, such as space exploration, medicine and mechanical automation. (grades K-12)

TeachEngineering Engineers have a hand in designing, creating or modifying nearly everything around us. Take a look at the collection of 750+ free, teacher-tested, standards-based K-12 lessons and activities that engage students and enhance science and math learning throug the use of hands-on engineering. (grades K-12)

Try Engineering What is engineering and what do engineers do? This site contains information and games about the field, provides listings of student programs and opportunities, contains a university finder, and has lesson plans aligned to standards.

**These resources furnished by the National Science Foundation - Where discoveries begin!

Yummy Math: Providing students and teachers with engaging real world math activities.

Khan Academy: Thousands of videos and practice problems for every subject, all for free.

Cymath: Absolutely the best free user-friendly problem-solver on the web. Type in a math problem, and it'll show you the step-by-step process of how to solve it. Covers basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, graphing and more.

The Math Forum: Leading online resource for improving math learning, teaching and communications. Math Forum offers problems and puzzles, online mentoring, math tools, problems of the week, and professional development. (grades 4-12)

"Fresh Baked Fractions": part of the website - lets kids test their fraction skills by reading and answering multiple choice fraction questions. (grades 4-6)

Mathematical Moments: Ever have a student ask you, "when will I ever use this in real life"? The American Mathematical Society shows how math affects us all, with examples that range from origami to robtics to fractals through easy to ready, one-page presentations. Pod casts are also featured to describe in more detail the concepts presented. 

Illuminations: NCTM offers a set of math resources on the Illuminations site.  One of my favorite features here is the enormous library of virtual manipulatives.   You can allow your students to drag around the virtual algebra tiles, discover triangle congruence theorems, and shade equivalent fractions (and that's all just pulled from the first page of manipulatives!)  This set is perfect for classrooms with computers or ipads. There are also some fantastic lessons.  They're sorted by grade level.  Check out some lessons for grades 6-8 or 9-12.  There are lessons for younger kids too. The brain teasers are also fun and would be great warm-ups.  There are plenty available.

Geogebra: Students can sketch a figure into the software (parallel lines intersected by a transversal, centers of triangles, tangent lines, etc.).  GeoGebra allows them to easily display angle measures, drag points around, and notice properties by observing what measures change and what measures stay the same.  There are endless possibilities with this, especially if you are trying to incorporate a little discovery-based learning. Download the free software for your classroom or check out the teacher pages that are packed with worksheets, samples, and ideas for lessons that use GeoGebra.

Desmos: is the new way to do all your graphing and plotting.  It's ideal for Algebra investigations.  Use this site to allow students to transform functions and create fun or artistic graphs. Try the graphing calculator or browse the teaching resources and activities that are available.  You can also check out videos that show some of the many uses of the desmos calculator.

Inquiry Math: The question prompts are perfect ways to get students thinking critically about math concepts. Take a look at the question prompts in each category on the left sidebar.  There are tons of great Number Prompts, Algebra Prompts, Geometry Prompts, and Statistics Prompts. I also recommend checking out their assessment framework and tips for writing your own prompt.

Math Giraffe: This site is dedicated to math education, with a focus on inquiry-based learning.  Enjoy the tips, ideas, lessons, and resources that are available for your middle school or high school math classroom!

Web English Teacher: Speech & Debate

Read Write Think: Oral Communication Activities

Busy Teacher: Activities to Improve Listening Skills

Discovery Education: Listening & Speaking Strategies

Teaching Ideas: Speaking & Listening Activities

Listening Skills Lesson Plans

BrainPOP Educators: Classroom Activities for Listening & Speaking

Listening Activities for the Classroom

Write Out Loud: Public Speaking Games

Education World: What Makes a Great Speech?

Parts of Speech Storyboard

Speech & Debate Activities Guide

Every-Day Edits to build language skills, test scores and cultural literacy with students in grades 4 and above.  

Downloadable Vocabulary Activities (Elementary)

Flocabulary has song activities & videos to learn vocabulary at all levels

Learning Games for Kids: Vocabulary and Sentence Structure

Vocabulary Spelling City

15 Vocabulary Strategies in 15 Minutes

Free Rice: Vocabulary & Grammar Games

Discovery Education Puzzlemaker

K12 Reader has sentence structure worksheets, grammar, spelling, and other resources

Time 4 Writing: Sentence Writing Worksheets

FunBrain Reading Games

Ed Tech Teacher: Commonly Taught Books

Web English Teacher: Reading & Literacy

OpenEd: Literature Assessments for High School

A to Z Teacher Stuff: Literature Activities

K12 Reader: Literature Activities

Reading Rockets

Reading Activities for Kids (K-5th)

Scholastic Student Activities

PBS Learning Media: Language Arts & Literacy

Teach the Children Well: Authors & Illustrators

Teen Ink houses magazines, books, and websites written by teens since 1989


Google Scholar is a search engine for students that provides scholarly articles on topics students type in keywords to find. Many of the scholarly articles are free and students can click to get  MLA, APA, or Chicago style citation.  Students simply copy and paste into a reference page.

The Owl of Purdue is a site that provides writing guides for MLA, APA, Chicago, and AMA style formatting. Students can see examples of papers formatted in these styles. They can look at examples of in-text citations and formatting a Works Cited page.

Cite This For Me is a Chrome extension and website to help students easily cite sources in MLA, APA, or Harvard style formats. Use the free extension which allows students to click on any website and quickly cite the source.

The Citation Machine is a website where students can easily cite sources in MLA, APA, or Chicago style formats. Students choose between the auto-fill and manual entry mode.

RefMe and EasyBib are two free apps and websites for quick and easy citation.  Students simply scan the isbn codes of any book or magazine and the citation is created for them.

Ed Tech Teacher: Research & Writing

Columbia University Reading & Writing Project

University of Illinois Writing Strategies for Self-Reflection

CanTeach Elementary Writing Prompts

Web English Teacher: Writing Lessons

Read Write Think: Writing Process Activities

Guide to Grammar & Writing

Interactive Sites for Education: English Language Arts Topics

Houghton Mifflin Graphic Organizers

Four Strategies to Successfully Implement AVID Schoolwide Educational Network - The Galileo website is an awesome starting place for teaching with inquiry.  They have articles and resources to learn about inquiry-based education as well as plenty of research. Start on the home page, then check out the full set of classroom lessons and examples.  They have plans for specific high school, middle school, and primary school math investigations. You can also download the Focus on Inquiry eBook, read more about what inquiry means, learn how to construct essential questions, and much more.

Let's Cook! Classroom Curriculum

Smithsonian Education

Shopping and Retail Themed Lesson Plans

Real Estate, Math, and Financial Literacy Lesson Plans

Military Kids Connect - integrating website content about military life with key subject concepts

Sally Ride Science at UC San Diego

How-to Smile: Hands-on Activities

Informal Science

STEM Resource Collection (Bloomsburg University)

Mind Trekkers

National Math & Science Initiative


TES Teacher Network

TED Talks

Spark 101

Teachers Pay Teachers

Google Expeditions - Bring Your Lessons to Life

Change the Equation

Concord Consortium STEM Resources

Energy Day Lesson Plans

i-STEM Resource Network

Educational Leadership

These are mobile apps we would recommend for teachers and parents of kids with special learning needs. We have arranged the apps into four main categories. These apps can be found on both Apple and Google Stores.

Apps for Dyslexic Learners


What Is Dyslexia

Dyslexia Quest

Happy Math Multiplication Rhymes

Read 2 Me

Phonics with Phonograms


DD's Dictionary: A Dyslexic Dictionary

Apps for Autistic Learners

Sight Words

Sequences for Autism


Words on Wheels

Verbal Me

Autism iHelp

Autism/DDT Shapes

Autism/DDT Letters

Speech with Milo

Apps for the Visually Impaired


Dragon Dictation

Light Detector

Color ID


BeMyEyes - Helping Blind See

Talking Calculator



Visual Brailler

Apps for Learners with Writing Difficulties

The Writing Machine

iWrite Words

Letter School

Alpha Writer

ABC Pocket Phonics

Word Magic


Other Resources

Practical Money Skills: Lessons for Special Needs Students

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