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wikiscriptScript writing with wiki: What's a wiki? It's a Web page on which all users can add, change, or delete text and other content as they wish. You don't need any special software to use a wiki. Students in grades 6th - 8th will be able to utilize technology to develop language arts and visual arts activities. Students use a wiki -- a Web site that allows users to add and edit content collectively -- to write a one-act play. 

Think Tank: is designed to help students develop a Research Organizer (a list of topics and subtopics) for reports and projects. Based on the subject assigned, the students can refine it by choosing from a variety of suggestions and by using a random subtopic generator. This helps students learn how to refine a subject so that it is more manageable for Internet research.

A Travel Journal for Homer's Odyssey: Students select their favorite passage from The Odyssey, type a first-hand account of the sotry, and add graphics and music from the Internet. This lesson uses Apple's Pages program and includes a completed sample for viewing.

Anatomy of a Project - Kinetic Conundrum: Art, history, engineering, language arts, and technology, both old and new, come together for students in this rich project learning expedition.

Better Lesson: Lessons in Technology and Engineering for Middle School students

EdTechTeacher: Innovative project ideas for students

Tech for Teachers: Middle school resources/activities for students and teachers

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