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Writing a resume is a tough, but important task, and we are here to help! You might be asking yourself, "What could I possibly use on a resume if I have never had a REAL job?!" We have compiled the best tips and resources available for high school students with little to no formal work experience. Before you know it, you will have a great resume put together and in the hands of a future employer! So where to start? Your education is a huge asset, so begin there. Then keep the ball rolling with your experience, skills, and extracurriculurs/hobbies.

how to create perfect resumeEducation

Include your high school and expected date of graduation. You will also want to list any Advanced Placement or Career &       Technical courses you have taken. Finally, include award or honors you have received like making Honor Roll.


A paid job is not the only thing you can put here! Be sure to include unpaid work, odd jobs, volunteer experience, etc.             Mowed lawns for your neighbors? Great! List it. Baby-sat for family? That counts too!


We know you have something good here! Include computer skills, leadership skills, communication skills, and anything else an employer would find valuable.


Include special interest clubs, sports, dance, or band. Show that you are well-rounded and a great fit for that job!

Four-part YouTube series for teens - How to job interview with no formal work experience!
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