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The Application Process for 2017 is Now CLOSED

STEMFORCE by GeoFORCE is an amazing outreach and free college-prep program from The University of Texas at Austin’s Jackson School of Geosciences. Outstanding 9th graders are eligible to apply from participating schools across West Texas. Once admitted, students are given the opportunity to travel throughout the country, meet new and inspiring people, and learn about exciting science and career opportunities in high-tech fields. The program gives selected students the chance to experience spectacular sites of geological interest and explore the geosciences through professor-led coursework and hands-on field activities. Know of an interested freshman student? Download the flyer here.

In operation since 2005, GeoFORCE has a growing college program.  With a high school graduation rate of 100% and a college matriculation rate of over 95%, GeoFORCE has 486 college students currently enrolled in over 100 colleges and universities throughout Texas and the US.  Nearly two-thirds of our college students are majoring in STEM fields. Join the experience!

Key Highlights

• STEMFORCE is free thanks to scholarships offered through WTxEC

• The program starts the summer before 10th grade

• Students return each year through high school

• Students must maintain a B average

• Each summer there is a spectacular field trip

• STEMFORCE offers mentoring and support through college

• Eligibility requirements do apply


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