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The West Texas Energy Consortium (WTxEC) was established in 2013 in response to the region's need for skilled workforce and community development surrounding the latest surge in oil & gas production with the shale revolution taking place. Our region consists of counties located in the Concho Valley, West Central Texas and the heart of the Permian Basin reaching all the way up into southeast New Mexico. With offices in Abilene, San Angelo and Odessa, WTxEC covers over 60,000 square miles in the region. We work with trade associations to bring successful community development strategies to our Consortium partners. We are the first in Texas to develop a regional approach to workforce problem solving in a major Texas enterprise area. We tackle challenges successfully with the 'ecosystem' approach through linkages to industry, institutions of higher education, regional school systems, and workforce leaders.

The Consortium is comprised of a broad cross-section of community members and stakeholders interested in partnering to address the community and economic realities resulting from the exploration and activities in the West Texas Region. WTxEC serves as a forum for industry representatives and partners in areas such as education, workforce, housing, local government and the non-profit sector to identify common issues and opportunities, work together on solutions, and seek additional public/private resources to address those challenges. The Consortium board, staff and its membership are private business owners, energy experts and workforce leaders. We understand and support the growth of business, community development and the balance of corporate responsibility to achieve a higher quality of life in the communities we serve. By striving to connect. communicate. educate. WTxEC has Power in Partnership!


What Is The West Texas Energy Consortium

  • An organization dedicated to addressing opportunities around STEM education, workforce & economic development, health & public safety, and transportation. Visit our Key Strategies page to learn more about our approach.
  • A communication network and liaison between individuals, organizations, and communities
  • A regional facilitator and statewide collaborator

Purpose Statement

The West Texas Energy Consortium is the regional conduit facilitating relevant conversations for community and energy industry partnerships. Coordinating the development and promotion of fundamental training, career development and energy education engagement. is a collaborative effort to foster and sustain economic growth, meet the needs of the energy industry, support community development, and preserve a high quality of life for all citizens.

How Did We Get Started

The projected community and economic impact of rapid growth in the energy industry is well known to often dramatically alter the course of citizens, communities and economies in affected regions. The West Texas Energy Consortium was started as a joint planning effort to address those impacts. Coordination and problem-solving are crucial to our regions success, as is providing a forum for sharing of knowledge and expertise as well as maximizing the use of resources. WTxEC seeks to establish a unified, positive identity for the region that benefits current residents, brings in new resources and attracts desirable new partners.

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