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Provide quality programs that support the growing energy industry.

  1. Provide scholarships through a variety of funding sources for deserving regional students to attend industry-oriented education and training programs.
  2. Continue to develop relationships with non-traditional education and training resources, such as NASA.
  3. Continue to pursue traditional and non-traditional funding for educational, informational, and specialized training programs that address regional industry needs.
Continue to serve as a public – private intermediary between the energy industry and regional education, training and workforce development providers.
  1. Serve as a medium for the discussion of workforce and education / training needs as seen by the energy industry.
  2. Provide feedback to regional and state agencies on these needs.
  3. Provide a forum in our annual conference for the policies and plans to address the education, training and workforce development needs of the regional energy industry.
Expand our board to reflect stronger industry leadership and education / training agency participation.
  1. Continue our strong relationship with the three regional workforce development boards.
  2. Build relationships with state and regional industry groups, such as the Texas Oil and Gas Association and Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association.
  3. Expand our relationships with K-12 education, as well as with higher education institutions.
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