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Wind Energy InfoTake a drive through rural West Texas and you’re likely to find wind turbines dotting the landscape for miles. Ever wondered how these magnificent machines work? Check out the animated guide from Save On Energy breaking down the science of wind turbines.

Sterling and Coke counties are home to the one of the largest onshore wind farms in the world, the Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm. The Capricorn Ridge wind farm is in one of Texas' Competitive Renewable Energy Zones (CREZ). These are high-wind areas in West Texas and the Texas Panhandle that will increasingly be used to supply renewable energy to major population centers in eastern Texas via new transmission projects. The investment of $6.8 billion in CREZ transmission line upgrades within the last few years, means that West Texas has moved up to 18,500 megawatts of electricity across the network to feed wind energy into other parts of the state. The Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center in Nolan and Taylor counties is another example of one of the world’s largest onshore wind farms housed right here in West Texas. The Horse Hollow Wind Center spreads across 47,000 acres and has 735.5 megawatts of capacity.

Learn more about Wind Energy in America by paging through the infographic compiled from 2011 study findings by the U.S. Department of Energy. The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has also put together a compilation of factoids on the impact of wind energy on economic development, workforce, and infrastructure. View it here!

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