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Why An Internship?

Internships and volunteer experiences are extremely valuable to your career search. Landing an internship or volunteer opportunity can be very important while in search of a job.

  1. Potential employers see you in action. Employers love to have interns and volunteers. It allows them to “try out” a potential employee to see if they will fit into the culture of the organization and if the skills they have or can develop are what the employer is looking for. If the organization is not currently hiring, they may know someone who is. Personal references are always great ways to get a job you’re interested in.
  2. You develop a sense of workforce expectations. Are you new to an industry or organization, and not sure what it is all about? Use your internship or volunteer experience as a way to learn about your industry’s expectations and opportunities. Maybe you’ll love it and couldn’t see yourself working anywhere else, or maybe you will decide it’s not for you. Either way, it’s better to figure this out now then 10 years from now when you are unsatisfied with your career choice.
  3. Ability to network with professionals in your field. This is your time to shine. Get to know the people who are in your field; this doesn’t just include upper management. Get to know everyone and learn from them. Ask them questions and discuss opportunities. Build those relationships continuously and keep them active.    
  4.  Ability to apply classroom coursework to the position. As a student you might have wondered how all those theories you have been learning will relate to the workforce. An internship or  is a great way to make those connections, see people in action, as well as offer you the opportunity to job shadow someone in the position you’d like to hold one day. Hopefully, they’d be able to show you how they applied knowledge from the classroom into their everyday work, and answer questions.
  5.  Introduction to specific industry cultures and etiquette. Get to know the culture and etiquette of the business. Maybe you have experience in the medical field where you are very hands-on with patients, and you want to move to an administration role that is not hands-on, but more computer and files based. In making the change, you may need to change the way you work with people so you don’t offend anyone. Another example would be if you are working for an international company that does business with other countries often where U.S. etiquette is not always appropriate. It is better to learn the culture and etiquette of the business now verses later.

If you are a high school student exploring and considering a particular career, an internship allows you to experience those workforce expectation and the "day-to-day" tasks involved in that career.  This is very helpful with the cost of today's college education. You get to try the job on for size before investing a ton of time in classroom work and putting yourself in debt only to get a degree for a job that you really don't care for or your expectations are different than what the job really pertains.

College students, an internship is an extended job interview. How do you set yourself apart from what could be a dozen other applicants when all the employer has to really judge you on is a resume and maybe a 30 minute interview? An internship with an employer that you would like to seek employment with is an opportunity for the employer to try you out as an employee and a time for you to shine and show all your knowledge and skills to the best of your ability.

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